01.01.2018 – ‘White Flowers’

I finished this painting today and am fairl happy with the results.  I am by no means a “flower” woman when it comes to painting, but found this painting helped me explore some new challenges including working within a compressed tonal range of grays, working with both warm and cool green color strings to help…

02.15.2017 – Fancy a “Cup O’ Tea”?

This little acrylic was painted of my cup of tea in the sun in the windowsill, with the winter snow behind.  I loved the appearance of the blue bottle and sugar bowl behind. The reflections were gorgeous and I couldn’t resist painting this little still life. ‘Cup O’ Tea’ Still Life Acrylics 02.15.2017

01.28.2017 – ‘Copper Pot’

‘Copper Pot’ 01.28.2017 Still Life in Acrylics Another great still life working on reflections of light and offsetting the warmth with the cools in the background.  A bright, shiny copper pot on the stovetop. This is from a painting exercise from WillKempArtSchool.com

10.11.2014 – ‘Orange Reflections’

  This is an acrylic still life painting from an exercise from Will Kemp Art School.  The subject is a study in reflection of oranges and pitchers on a mahogany table.  I’ve included the ‘in progress’ images below.  I loved this exercise.  The glazing in the last stage just made the whole painting pop.  The subject was…

10.23.2012 – ‘Diet Pepsi Can’

Tonight’s subject, this can of caffeine free diet pepsi I am drinking.  Originally I was just going to draw the pop tab, but kept moving out and expanding.  At some point from pop top to the whole can silhouette I shifted perspective, so the top ended up too round/side ended up too long.  Overall, though,…