09.20.2015 – ‘Gauguin’s Chair Inverted’


This painting was a project to attempt to invert the color of a painting by a master.  The original painting (shown below) was ‘Gauguin’s Chair’ by Vincent Van Gogh.


2015-09-20 Project - 'Inverted Gauguin's Chair' (Acrylics)

‘Gauguin’s Chair Inverted’


The object of this painting was to reverse the coloration on a classic painting by a master.  The tonal range was to be preserved, but the colors should be converted to their complements.

The original painting by Van Gogh

Gauguins Armchair - reference photo.jpg

‘Gauguin’s Armchair’
by Vincent Van Gogh

Arles: December, 1888

Oil on canvas
90.5 x 72.5 cm.
Arles: December, 1888
F 499, JH 1636

Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

This painting is often displayed with its counterpart:

Vincent's Chair with His Pipe

‘Vincent’s Chair with His Pipe’

Oil on canvas
93.0 x 73.5 cm.
Arles: December, 1888
F 498, JH 1635

London: National Gallery




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