10.14.2012 – Animal Portrait (Conte Crayons, Charcoal, Chalk)

2012-10-14 Portrait (Animal) - 'The Ticket Litter' (Conte' Crayons, Charcoal, Colored Chalk)

‘The Ticket LItter’

'The Ticket Litter'

‘The Ticket Litter’
Portrait (Animal)
Conte’ Crayons, Charcoal, Colored Chalk

This portrait was really my first time to sit down and truly try to draw something in a very long time. An exercise in frustration, to be sure, as I really have not ever had more than the art you get in grade school for education. However, for a rusty first attempt and a subject I dearly love, I certainly enjoyed the sketching. Will have to work on the skill level and have enjoyed researching a little into art theory and technique, so hopefully we’ll see some improvement over time.

Here we go, though, the first sketch. They say the first step is the hardest…


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