Paintings by my boys – Thomas & Tyler

I have posted blog page links for each of my two sons, below.  We love to paint together, and they have become quite prolific in their paintings, so it was time to compile the works.

2017-01-28 - Tyler - Age 6 - 'Bob Ross Portrait'

Portrait of Bob Ross by Tyler

Tyler is my 6 year old and he is my little shadow.  He loves to paint and always has a story to tell about the painting as he paints.  Tyler’s abilities seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.  He’s painted since he was a little peanut, but is getting so big and is just soaking up the knowledge.  I’m very proud of him and can’t wait to see what he creates in the future.  He can read very well, so please feel free to comment on his paintings.  He loves to get comments!

Paintings By Tyler – Art Blog

2017-01-24 - Thomas - Age 7 - 'Super Warp 2' (2)Paintings By Thomas – Art Blog

Thomas is my 8 year old, going on 18.  At times he’s momma’s smidgling, and at other times he’s so grown up I wonder where my baby has gone.  Thomas beats to the drum of 100 different drummers in his head and it amazes me daily how his mind works.  He’s a very literal thinker, so it’s been wonderful watching him get more and more expressive and creative as he paints.  His favorite theme is space / movement.  Come and visit his page!  He’d love to read your comments.

03.20.2017 – ‘Piano Man’

Music has always been an important part of my life and I find someon being lost in a song incredibly beautiful.  The world blurs away, the music feels deeper…bigger.

2017-03-20 Life - 'Piano Man' (Acrylics)

‘Piano Man’


In progress – Portraits in Oils

Though not complete, I’m pretty pleased with how these two are coming along.

Imogen – In Progress…

Grace – In Progress…



A couple of portraits in progress to learn more about oil painting and portraiture, following direction from some portraiture lessons from Will Kemp Art School.

02.15.2017 – Fancy a “Cup O’ Tea”?

This little acrylic was painted of my cup of tea in the sun in the windowsill, with the winter snow behind.  I loved the appearance of the blue bottle and sugar bowl behind. The reflections were gorgeous and I couldn’t resist painting this little still life.

‘Cup O’ Tea’

Still Life



01.28.2017 – Copper Pot (Acrylics)

2017-01-28 Still Life - 'Copper Pot' (Acrylics) (2).jpg


*This is from a painting exercise from

2015 – Miscellaneous Sketches

Some live drawing sketches, playing around with different mediums in still life and human form.

09.20.2015 – Reverse Color of the Masters

This painting was a project to attempt to invert the color of a painting by a master.


‘Inverted Gauguin’s Chair’



The original image was “Gaughin’s Chair” by Vincent Van Gogh.



09.15.2015 – Waterglass Series


Waterglass Series:

* Black and White
* Blue and Orange

04.27.2015 – 05.26.2015 – Apple/Moon/Chicken Series (Graphite + Ink/Charcoal/Colored Pencil/Crayon)

This is a series of 5 drawings of different moods/settings including moon/apple/chicken subjects.  The series from 1 to 5 shows the chicken’s life stages aging while the apple tree’s life cycle in reverse, and through it all, the moon sees it all.  A fun little fictional project.


‘Hatching Moonscape’
Fictional Landscape
Pencil (Graphite & Colored)


‘Hatching Moon Apple’
Fictional Life
Pencil (Graphite)


‘Apple Blossom Memory’
Fictional Landscape
Pencil (Graphite) & Ink


‘Moon Boogie’
Fictional Landscape
Pencil (Graphite), Charcoal, Crayon


‘The Beginning and The End’
Fictional Life
Pencil (Graphite) & Ink

04.08.2015 – Portrait (Pencil)

A portrait of my son in pencil, practicing tone matching.

‘Little Cowboy’

‘Little Cowboy’